Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Japanese Fashion Craze - Debunked

Declared so tacky they never existed, these flattering faux see-thru skirts were rumored to have recently hit the streets of Tokyo and across Japan in waves of seemingly thousands of transparent-skirted women everywhere.
Last week, hearing whispers of this latest and greatest trend invading Japan, I had to check it out. Now, as most of you know or will soon discover through this blog, I am absolutely drawn to the cool, quirky and bizarre, especially if it comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. So, as soon as I heard of these skirts I had to go in search of them. "Who makes them?", "How much are they?" and "Where can I get one?" were just a few things I needed to know. Alas, they could be found nowhere and upon further inspection I became suspicious. And as I delved deeper I came upon the confirmation that the faux see-thru skirts were nothing more than a photoshopped hoax. 
It had been to good to be true. And to all you fan boys out there, wipe the blood from your noses. There will be another place, another time. 

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