Monday, November 8, 2010

Friends Lost Over "Kittens Fainting: Now With More Laserbeams" Video

Yes, a sad but true story. And I'm not talking about the kittens.
Upon finding this video the other day, compliments to, I roared with laughter and immediately posted it to Facebook to share this treasure with all. Yes, I was called a nutball, and yes people enjoyed it, but then I received a comment stating I was being "de-friended" for the post of the video. I laughed and blamed it on the Imperial Storm Troopers. Besides, the lasers had been set to only stun them and the kittens were fine for the time being. They would be up and running again in no time only to be stunned with lasers once again.
However, I went to the profile of the "de-friender" and was shocked to see I really had been de-friended! I couldn't believe it. This is a person who has known me my entire life, since I was a baby! Although we haven't been in real contact for several years. Still! I guess you just don't know someone until you see their reaction to kittens being shot with laser beams. 
Hit the link to see the full video:

On the serious side of things these darling kittens suffered from fainting goat syndrome, something that is extremely rare in cats and dogs and pretty much affects only goats. Unfortunately these poor little pussy's also suffered from this horrible disease and since the original video was shot both have passed on to that big cat box in the sky. Apparently the disease causes the cats to drop paralyzed for about a minute everytime time they are startled. But who's the real culprit here? Not me. I wasn't the one who shot those kittens with the laser beam. No, the real villains are the owners. They were the ones who spent hours scaring the pussy's to death! Literally. So don't point your finger at me people. I was just an innocent bystander.

Thanks to Kinnie, The Pipe Cleaner, Gingerjohn and Marco, who tried to breed fainting turtles but the male kept fainting and falling out of the female. Three words (all beginning with T): test tube turtles.

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